Inbound-tours through Germany and Europe are organized simultaneously by Rotary District 1870 and are therefore similar in concept and implementation. By purposely planning the tours without help from travel companies, which means more work for the tour directors, but gives the advantage of adjusting the tours perfectly to the exchange students' interests and needs.

From the beginning the tours are close to the central idea of Rotary Youth Exchange:

"Reduction of prejudices, active improving of international communication and meeting other young people."

The journeys will give the exchange students more experiences and information in and about their host country independently from their host family. The concept provides possibilities to visit chosen sights along the travel route and guided tours in German, English and Spanish. Although the “"tour language”" throughout the whole tour is German. The cultural part of the tour, as seen in the schedule, takes the most time but free time for fun and social encounters is also important to combine culture with the concept of Rotary International. Students who are looking forward to a “"party tour"” should not sign up.

After a successful first Germany tour in 2002 directed by Dr. Peter Schaap and a close growing European continent, it seemed fitting to offer a tour of the whole continent. Historical, cultural and political relationships with Germany's neighbors can be nicely put into context this way.


The convenient pricing should allow most students to participate in the tours. Volunteers and close cooperation to Rotary International make this tour possible. Restrictions in comfort luxury cannot be avoided but we believe that an adventure tour is the better alternative. A better overview about “Deutschlandtour·and·Europatour·can be found here.


The tour directors have the task to execute the tours and to make sure that the tours work as Rotary intents them to. The tours for District 1870 are directed by Dr. Peter Schaap and supported by Dr. Patrik Plöger. The experience of 40 tours helps tremendously to react to problems, accidents, injuries and sorrows of exchange students. Tour directors are available 24/7 during the tour and will help out with every problem. More information about Tour-directors·here.


Both tours are guided by tour-guides who inform about sights and point out voluntary places to visit to make the stays as interesting as possible. They are also the first person to talk to in case of an emergency. Their job is to be there for you 24/7, guide you and plan programs for the nights. Tour-directors try to select English, Spanish, French and/or Portuguese speaking tour-guides.


Rules during the tour are guided by the Rotary rules (no drinking, no driving, no dating, no drugs), but there are some more. Working, living and touring with 60 exchange students is only possible if everybody sticks to the rules.

Breaking the rules will cause consequences which the tour-directors will decide. Fortunately we did not have to send anybody home by now.

Target Audience

The tours are primary open to exchange students of District 1870, but may be open to other Rotary districts too.

We have had Inbounds from other Districts on every tour and we will try to take the waiting list into account this year as well..

Due to fairness we will first let all Inbounds of District 1870 attend the tour and then start to consider other applicants who will be invited by suitability.

Those who attend tours with Rotary District 1870 are not on a journey but part of an experience.

More information on the tours within each section.