The application for the Germany tour 2017 is released. In order to apply for the Germany tour you will have to accurately fill in the application form. The instructions will lead you through the application process.·If you have language barriers please ask your hostfamilies,hostsiblings or friends from school for help.·We need all information for which is asked for in the form.

Please remember the deadline. We just have 58 spots, so first come first served.·So please register as soon as possible.

The spots for the Germany tour are for now only reserved for Inbounds of district 1870.

Here you find the application forms in:

ENGLISH Englisch
ESPAÑOL Spanisch

Deadline is the· 15.09.2017 .

Important for anyone traveling with us is that you check your email account frequently and that you keep enough space for file attachments(2MB) free. We will inform you exclusively through email.

If there are any technical problems, please contact·This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you will reach the webmaster for technical questions and also the tour guides through this address!